The SAFE was Straight Allies For Equality, is now Seattle Allies For Equality and still SAFE. The SAFE is a new religion based around the world we live in today; UP2D8 (Up to date), while blending Equality, Consent and Dancing. SAFE encourages its members, known as Equality ENFORCERS, to love the fear out of hate while they spread the SAFE.
Brief Encounters' Bad Boys of Social Justice spread The SAFE when they shwayng.
by The SAFE October 10, 2013
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A term used by anyone in general as a farwell. Same as good bye or cya. It expresses that you don't want the other person to get introuble with the law or anyone else. It has no homosexual connotation what-so-ever.
Yo ill see you at the party tonight, Be Safe son
by PzL' November 12, 2005
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3 meanings:
1. a cool person
2. to signify agreement
3. to signify something is good
1. Tom lent me an album, he's safe.
2."who wants nachos?" "yeah safe"
3. "what do you think of this excellent song?" "it's safe"
by Kurt December 2, 2003
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if somebody is a friend or in good terms with you
dude he is safe leave him alone
by Joe May 24, 2003
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altho originally from Jamaica, it has been incorporated into London slang for the use of anyone who knows it meaning 1.hello, 2.goodbye, 3.thankyou, 4.good to see you, and 5.a general word used in celebration.
1. "Safe man"
2. "safe dude, c u soon"
3. "here's that jay u wanted me to roll"
4. "wassup bro, its been a while"
"Safe mate, way to much of a while"
5. "mate i just pulled the finest chicka!"
"Safe mate, nicely done!"
by KitSteel April 16, 2007
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describes someone or something that is good/cool/nice.
that kid's safe, bruv. i don't want no one fuckin wit him.
by International Bad Boy August 6, 2004
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similiar to 'safe'

Used when someone has done something pretty safe, rather than the more general use of just safe.

John: 'Oi, I got you these grets down shops cause you hads no fabric'

Luke: 'Safe as matey'
by John32 July 9, 2006
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