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altho originally from Jamaica, it has been incorporated into London slang for the use of anyone who knows it meaning 1.hello, 2.goodbye, 3.thankyou, 4.good to see you, and 5.a general word used in celebration.
1. "Safe man"
2. "safe dude, c u soon"
3. "here's that jay u wanted me to roll"
4. "wassup bro, its been a while"
"Safe mate, way to much of a while"
5. "mate i just pulled the finest chicka!"
"Safe mate, nicely done!"
by KitSteel April 16, 2007

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not the same as fucktard, this is much much worse, a tardfuck is someone who gets off on fucking retards. Only use this when suitable... or when wanting to rinse someone so hard they may never need to wash again.
Oh my god! You just tried to bash off usin a bottle and now u have no cock, u tardfuck!

Don't let that dude into the asylum, he's a tardfuck!

Fuck you tardfuck!
by KitSteel April 16, 2007

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a far superior version of writing idiot, deriving from me.... as an interpretation of yardie slang into well spoken english. makes sense really, since i am no yardie... neways yeah eejut is a great word!!
"Dude, u are a fuckin EEjut! learn something of worth before I slap you down, fucktard"

"man, that fucker is a proper eejut, his lips move when he reads 'Mr Men'"

by KitSteel April 15, 2007

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most interesting combined to create the ultimate contraction!! just a better way of speaking. Also see mexcellent.
Other person: Yo man, I just picked up an 8th of high draw, and a shitload of beans!
Me: Minteresting... set me some of that shit!
Other person: Dammit.
by KitSteel April 16, 2007

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old-school word my mates used to use, basically means utterly and completely shite, not of any worth, or gay as a motherfucker.
to be used in conjunction with mofo, or other offensive words found here..
Man, that dude thieved the last of your weed, what a jubrassic mofo!

Dude, that teacher is Jubrassic!
by KitSteel April 16, 2007

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see minteresting, the lesser of the two ultimate contractions, meaning most excellent... spawned in my mind as a direct consequence of Bill and Ted's Journeys and Adventures, bogus and otherwise...
just a better manner of expressing ones joy.
Other person "yo man, i finally got paid, AND we are gettin laid tonight!"
Me "mexcellent dude..."
by KitSteel April 16, 2007

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great word, use it all the time, meaning 2.funny, 1.cool, 1.sweet, or 3.suprised hilarity... well worth remembering
1. Other person: Safe, I havent seen u in a while, where have u been?
Me: I have been rock climbing, and getting wasted.
Other person: Jokes...

2. Dude that shit is JOKES!

3. Wow dude, check out the patterns on that piece of chocolate! NO DONT EAT IT!!!..... jokes, u fuckin eejut.
by KitSteel April 16, 2007

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