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Also "the fag role". In Illinois juvenile male prisons, this refers to a subculture built up around prisoners having same sex sexual contacts with each other. It can range from touching or grabbing, to exposure, to full intercourse. There is an ever changing series of hand signals and code words that go along with this practice. For instance, making a "farting" noise with your mouth means you want anal sex to be performed on you. Sticking up one thumb or rubbing the thumb and forefinger together are also invitational signals. The phrases "in ya" or "I've said my piece" can be worked into regular conversation, and are also invitational in nature. Juveniles leaving these prisons often continue to "play the role" with others who are aware of the practice.
Yo, when I was in the DOC, sure I played the role, but so did everyone, even the guards.
by Jamie Kozma March 08, 2006
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