This is a girls name for an amazing person, she accepts everyone for who they are but know how to tease and joke. although boy obsessed she does not play with hearts and will be honest with how she feels. and even though she is a bitch at times will support you through thick and thin, everyone loves her but she sticks with her close group who are like sisters. love you
by sssexybabeee May 30, 2019
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The actions that everybody has,in order to fulfill their destinies.
You already have a role,and that is the laws of justice.
by BlackPohatu November 18, 2016
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Also "the fag role". In Illinois juvenile male prisons, this refers to a subculture built up around prisoners having same sex sexual contacts with each other. It can range from touching or grabbing, to exposure, to full intercourse. There is an ever changing series of hand signals and code words that go along with this practice. For instance, making a "farting" noise with your mouth means you want anal sex to be performed on you. Sticking up one thumb or rubbing the thumb and forefinger together are also invitational signals. The phrases "in ya" or "I've said my piece" can be worked into regular conversation, and are also invitational in nature. Juveniles leaving these prisons often continue to "play the role" with others who are aware of the practice.
Yo, when I was in the DOC, sure I played the role, but so did everyone, even the guards.
by Jamie Kozma March 9, 2006
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What position an actor fills in the hierarchy of top/bottom during sexual intercourse.

In gendered international relations, the term can be used similarly when preceding a nation to connote either hegemonic or bitch status. Alternatively, the term can be applied to tools of dominance in international relations, such as nuclear weapons, which predetermine which role a nation role-plays among others.
A: What role do nuclear weapons play post-arms reduction?
B: Well they aren't used for first use anymore...but they still fulfill like 13 other roles. -nervous laugh-
A: So you don't really decrease the role substantially, do you?
by J. Mearsheimer February 24, 2010
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to go with, to chill with
aye baby,i got these kanye tickets,you tryna role?
by hammytheballer November 24, 2007
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Rolexes, Roleys, Rolez;
May Day was so payed he had a collection of Roles / Rolez!!!
by May Day August 10, 2010
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role is a person on stan twitter that is a flop. a humongous flop that tanked harder that changes. he gets suspended all of the time and it never surprises anyone in bottom killers.
role is a stan account
role tanked
role is a flop
by fadflop October 14, 2020
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