It is a group of friends who indulge themselves in comics, manga, anime and other nerdy things, also the hub for 99% of all jokes made in ones life, including the mystical Sphipher. They are also known as Too Many Otakus (TMO) and currently have 9 members and counting. They also play videogames and hang out on skype and chill in real life. They also run a silly Youtube channel titled TooManyOtakus.
Sphipher Friends Group The Ranks
by toomanyotakus November 13, 2013
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walking in to a toilet after someone has done a very smelly shit you would comment(fucking hell thats fucking rank you smelly twat)
by mick nicholson August 6, 2007
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To cut or dis Making fun of someone or yelling insults at them. Used everywhere including New England
I'm mad you rankin' on Ashley cuz she coo
by Hi December 22, 2004
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Something/someone poor, gross, ugly, "ew".
The blanket on Roseanne's couch is rank.

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To make fun of someone, to diss them

It is mostly used in Miami.
He ranking on your shoes man.
by AC November 24, 2004
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something completely nasty, dirty or gross
Bob: "dude do you smell that? i think its comin from the cafeteria"

Rob: "oh man that shit smells rank"
by Mint1 November 19, 2009
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adj. Used to describe something of superior quality. Not to be confused with 'dank', which is of lesser significance.
Homie: "Yo, something smells rank up in here!"
Cuz: "Yea man, check this out. I got that barbecue chicken pizza, add bacon, add jalepeno, everything crust with extra salt. So rank bro."
Homie: "So rank cuz, can I have a slizz?"
by 50 Tysons December 16, 2020
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