When you tie a rope around a girl's waist and put the rope through a pulley system. The male's role in this is simply sitting in a chair (preferably one without arm rests) and holding the other end of the rope. The girl will be lowered gently on the male's cock and then the sexy time will begin by the man pulling up and down on his end of the rope.

The purpose of this sexual position is for males who dont want to actually touch the bitch while fucking (minus the dick-vag connection). All men can agree upon the fact that his dick thinks for himself. Generally those bitches who perform this act of "love-making" are just plain gross. and so many times the male will have his bitch face the opposite direction of his face.
i gave (insert gross bitch's name here) "the pulley" last night and oddly enough that bitch enjoyed every second of it
by Andre 3000 inches June 29, 2009
A name for a slutty or otherwise whore-ish girl. Because a pulley rotates around a stick without the stick moving implying that the girl is the sexual force.
Wow man that Devon is a complete pulley, I mean she asked you out that whore, slutty, bitch.
by Superconductor May 10, 2006
An old school southern redneck hillbilly term for a wishbone or Furcula, a fork-shaped bone in birds. The bone in roast bird such as a turkey or chicken that is considered lucky to play tug-of-war over at the dinner table. The bone said to bring good luck to the person whose half is bigger when it is broken apart.
Tracy: my favorite part of the chicken is the pulley-bone!
Normal people: it’s a wishbone you idiot!
by Tsarmina August 14, 2020
When one person comes up behind another, grabs their balls, and pulls them up into their butt crack.
Jim walked up behind Joe. Jim reached down, grabbed Joe's balls, and yanked them up between his butt cheeks. "Haha, I got you in an alaskan pulley!"
by CVHSKooKids November 8, 2011
A woman, usually older in age, who is a mother; and also is retired from the profession of providing sexual services to anyone in exchange for cash money. The initial contract agreement is verbal and taken place in a public place such as a street corner.
Guy 1: "Hey man, is that the corner that yo mom use to work on?"
Guy 2: "Yeah, but she doesn't do that anymore."
Guy 1: "Aw, that's too bad. She was the best rusty pulley in town!"
by dirty_rotten June 14, 2016
Someone who jerks off with their fore finger and thumb, sometimes in the cabin and can be very fat. often named Eric
their penis can be covered up by three fingers
eric was caught jerking off in his cabin, his dick is so small, hes a lil pulley
by ricegum_is_asian December 6, 2017
a term used by men who enjoy being with other men. As in hmosexuality
Justin: hey steve that was off the pulley
Steve: hekka, man were gay
by ballapearson May 8, 2007