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When you tie a rope around a girl's waist and put the rope through a pulley system. The male's role in this is simply sitting in a chair (preferably one without arm rests) and holding the other end of the rope. The girl will be lowered gently on the male's cock and then the sexy time will begin by the man pulling up and down on his end of the rope.

The purpose of this sexual position is for males who dont want to actually touch the bitch while fucking (minus the dick-vag connection). All men can agree upon the fact that his dick thinks for himself. Generally those bitches who perform this act of "love-making" are just plain gross. and so many times the male will have his bitch face the opposite direction of his face.
i gave (insert gross bitch's name here) "the pulley" last night and oddly enough that bitch enjoyed every second of it
by Andre 3000 inches June 29, 2009
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