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Lame ass Kids who chill out on the stairs in front of school just to get in everyone's way. Very obnoxious and loud. All of them listen to shitty ass music like ICP\ and other shit, while a few of them are somewhat cool and listen to Dream Theater. They're poor choice of music should be replaced by good music such as Rush, Dragonforce, and Megadeth.
Big Boss-"Oh, man! I gotta get up the stairs, but I don't wanna be near the Mall Goths"
Freddy-"Good Point. Take the long way around."
Big Boss-"Yeah, man. I better."
by Superconductor April 26, 2006

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A name for a slutty or otherwise whore-ish girl. Because a pulley rotates around a stick without the stick moving implying that the girl is the sexual force.
Wow man that Devon is a complete pulley, I mean she asked you out that whore, slutty, bitch.
by Superconductor May 10, 2006

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A name for mutual sex because in a wheel the wheel and shaft move simultaneously.
Hey was she a pulley, nah it was a wheel.
by Superconductor May 10, 2006

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