Slang, refers to Walpole, MA (USA).
"Dude, you have to come visit The Pole and we'll hang out sometime"
by Crogs August 13, 2004
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A man used is used in pole dancing. Especially in cyber chat rooms.
JL is being used as The pole today because he is hot when he cyber dances!
by TiramiSue February 7, 2007
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In Tanzania, Pole Pole means to take it easy. This is used for people climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, to make sure they don't go-to fast and take there time.
Quick let's get to camp fast

Pole Pole, we have a whole day ahead of us to enjoy!
by Crazy Mozambician September 2, 2019
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When two men are walking past each other in a confined space where they may contact each other in the genital regions.

This exception is only allowed if the men do not make eye contact, making eye contact will revoke their "man" status to Manbitch. It is preferred to pass by hole to hole than pole to pole.
Dude, that's a tight spot to pass by...better not pass by pole to pole.
by Manlaw 24-7 December 5, 2008
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Slang term for firearm, gun, pistol
Homeboy got popped with two poles, he was shooting them shits like he was neo in the matrix, hes getting 60 months for each pole
by Anthony prazzo April 18, 2017
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1. Cylindrical object that is often long and used as a support for a structure
2. A person from Poland
3. An extreme end of an axis
4. Slang for a penis
1. That's a big pole!
2. That's a big pole!
3. That's a big pole!
4. That's a big pole!
by Yor October 31, 2004
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The act of filling a girl's mouth with whipped cream and then ejaculating into it.
Ben was Poling in her mouth last night before they took her to the hospital for her broken pelvis.
by Mon.Goose. November 3, 2010
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