To be damn sexy...a good dancer... really funny an nice an all dat...chill as f**k...cool... an all around crunk as hell!
"Damn JL u too fine im really feelin yo style you already know what it is!"
by dyme peice September 12, 2006
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An extremely large defiant man who has the strength of 2 llamas when he yells profanities at his fellow COD teammates. Sometimes referred to as the “Papa Smurf” or the “Debby Delight”, this man will challenge every word out of your mouth with the expression, “Ok.” followed by a shake of his head. He will constantly threaten victims with knives or warnings involving the victim being thrust out a window. Never turn your back away and take care to be always on the alert, because he WILL watch you in your sleep with night vision goggles. He has a chode.
woman 1:Hey did you see that guy over there? He engulfed like 49 twinkies!!!

woman 2:Yeah he must be a real JL.
by ouchJL,thatsrape! June 30, 2010
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Fucking ghey.

a brand for brandwhores.
Nice JL sweater

I know, Im sooooo cool now, Im gonna go violate my freinds.

by Nicoli Strofkocz January 09, 2008
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An obese, adult male, which spends his time sitting in a lazy boy recliner; often sports a nicely groomed beard.
"Look that that dude over there. Typical J.L."
by Dave S. February 04, 2004
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