the way you sleep when you MUST sleep with another male, under some extraordinary circumstances that will allow nothing else, so nothin wierd happens while you are sleepin
Jason: hey jason you sleep on top of the quilt i will sleep under

Dale: Nahhh lets just sleep hole to hole so i wont get cold
by Auneeezy October 11, 2005
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Listen, at the end of the day, a hole is a hole is a hole. Sex is sex. When you get some, you get some. It doesn't matter who it's with, you're still getting some.
John: Brian, do you like guys or girls?
Brian: John, a hole is a hole is a hole. It doesn't matter what they are, sex is sex.
John: You right.
by SecretaryConfucius February 14, 2018
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When a woman/girl claims to be a virgin on the grounds that the only penetrative sex she's ever engaged in has been anal.
Jack: Dude, your girlfriend's a slut
John: No way, she was a virgin when we started dating
Jack: Yea, only cuz of the poop-hole loop-hole. Just ask Dave, Mike, Jamal, Terrence, Shaun, Shawn, Sean, and our biology teacher

John: :O
by jacktyronemartinez November 12, 2010
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Also referred to as "YHYH"

A phrase used to to justify sexual congress with an 'below par' partner. Generally viewed -correctly- as a futile attempt to placate friends and foes and have them desist in their -justified- attack.

Boaby: For the love of the baby Jesus Shuggy, what made you leave with that minger?
Shuggy: C'mon Boab yer hole's yer hole!
by SM73 July 18, 2006
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The clause by which a female may circumvent the moral law which dictates that a female should not engage in sexual relations prior to marriage by participating in anal sexual relations in lieu of vaginal intercourse. Additionally, the female will conveniently avoid risk of pregnancy while simultaneously preserving her virginity.
He: No, we cannot have sex, we are not married!
She: It's okay...we can use the poop hole loop hole and you can do me in the butt!
He: Sweet!
by Exit Only June 25, 2009
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Basically girls get fucked in the ass instead of the vagina so they can technically "preserve" their vagine virginity for marraige.

Basically just an excuse to morally fuck.
The booty hole loop hole was a common excuse for the religious girls at the party.
by Fuckboi 9000 October 05, 2017
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