A mythical creature that lives in Waukegan, IL. Has been know to appear just before the demise of elected or appointed municipal officials.
Coroner: "I found The Pickle in his poo."
by Miss TwoLips January 08, 2005
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The experience of a different situation with the same outcome of a previous or common situation.
Person 1: "This girl broke up with me, I thought she was the one."
Person 2: "Well you know what they say, pickles are pickles"
Person 3: "Well unless it's a packle."
Person 1 and 2: "Well you must be fucking retarted"
by MDeandre October 09, 2018
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a sexy noice flavored sweet or sour green hotdog lookin thing

exept its a cucumber
look at that TAAAASTYYYY pickle
by Sirenn December 24, 2016
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This is given to the chosen one from veggie tales. He will bring balance to the world of veggie tales and He is a very tall pickle. He knows kung fu and has watched the matrix only once.
Pickles is the chosen one
by Ye420blazeitmomgetthecamera December 04, 2017
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