an excuse to hang out with some one and eventually make out with them
I asked her to hang out and she asked what we'd be doing, I didn't want her to know my intentions so I replied, "Eating pickles."
by NAKED MAN $$$$$$ May 1, 2011
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This is a way to tell a person that has offended you for tagging you in a normie meme to go suck on a wiener.
They may be a guy but ask them first, " Do you enjoy pickles?." If they say no to such a question you will simply tell then to Eat Pickle and Suck Dickle. Only will that make them confused but also offended that you used their least favorite food against them.

Goodbye and have a good day my fellow Dickle Pickles.
The man simply said something very offensive towards a memer. The memer chuckled and smirked, "Eat Pickle and suck dickle".
by GeeohgoshIwanttokillmyself February 16, 2018
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a person who loves spying on people, usually in the gym. this person also loves eating pickles because pickles "sounds funny" and is salty just like when that one creepy guy in the corner eating a pickle plays video game like overwatch, he always blames the healer for not healing him and always screams when he dies
why is that one creepy guy in the corner eating a pickle spying on me
by gyfytfdtytyguybuugfdrdsre April 25, 2017
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eating the ass of the twitch streamer drsushi86
i'm gonna go eat a pickle sandwich and i also need to add the word being defined so eating a pickle sandwich
by mmmm_sandwich April 25, 2023
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Someone who eats pickles but say they hate pickles has the same feel as liar liar pants on fire. This term can be used for someone who lies for little thing
by The pickle eater December 19, 2022
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