A sexual term for when you stick a Pimento Pepper slice into your Piss Hole and present it to a female. If done correctly it will resemble a stuffed olive. She will attempt to suck the Pimento Pepper out mimicking sucking the pepper out of an olive. Giving her a goal will push her to be the best. Keeping time for later comparison is optional.
"Bro, I surprised that slut with The Olive last night and she knew exactly what to do. I think she beat that last girl's record by 45 seconds. Truly Amazing"
by Gospeedgo May 3, 2009
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another way to say you love someone without having to say love.
Olive Christine. I love Christine.

Olive you. I love you. You get the point.
by Katie Becker October 17, 2006
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the best person ever man, they are so nice and you should never make a olive sad because if you do i will hit you.

they like probably like olives and like hugs :>
"wow! they are so nice! whats their name?"

"thats olive!"
"man, i wish i could meet an olive."
by coolerkidaha June 4, 2021
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Olive is the most wonderful person ever. Olive is a girl with amazing hair, a lovely face and a clever brain. She has an amazing personality and if you ever meet someone who is brilliant enough to be an Olive, you should worship them
"oh my god that girl is so amazing she must be an Olive!"
by Lilly clark July 7, 2012
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A man with an enourmous penis and balls. He has balls of steel. The destroyer of mhm.

Average penis length: 45cm
Damn look at that guy with the enourmous dick. Dude are you fucking gay? Oliver
by mrmanlymanwithmanymen March 19, 2018
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He is a fuckin god mate. He has a lightsaber on himself everyday. He is so fuckin cool you don't even realise. Oliver is cooler than everyone. no one is so cool as Oliver
Fuck. Oliver is cool
by Omni_Lynx January 29, 2020
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The best person ever. Smart, beautiful, creative, artistic, and SEXY! If your name is Olive then you have an awesome personality and no boy can resist u. Girls named Olive are nice, sweet, kind, gentle, and loving.

It's Olive NOT Olivia.
"Wow, did u see that girl?"
"Yeah, she's so hot."
"Yeah, I bet her name is Olive"
by a legit person August 6, 2012
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