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James Bond Film made in 1979. It's like Star Wars without The Force.
Hey man, did you see Moonraker?
Yeah man, it looked like Star Wars without The Force
by M.J. Caboose, M.D. September 26, 2010
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A person with such low intelligence that they would try to rake the moon's reflection in a pond.
Otherwise referred to as window-licker or blue bus brigade.
My friend Rachel announced she was going to bleach her hair in the summer. Tracey, like the moonraker she is, asked, "What color?".
by IT Monkey August 19, 2004
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n. A person or bot who attempts to sow discord or derail useful conversation on social media by posting inflammatory, superfluous, and/or off-topic stupidity with the intent of derailing and/or provoking persons into an emotional response due to the pathetic reality of the Raker's lonely RL and need for attention. A Moon Raker is an especially pathetic form of sub-Troll often affected by psychological disorders, the most common of which include schizophrenia, multiple personalities, and psychological projection.
Sad little Moon Raker is conversing between its multiple personalities because no one will feed the troll.
by WPNative March 14, 2018
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Term for people originating from the county of Wiltshire, England. Their ancestors were tough and built Stonehenge on Salisbury Plain and kicked Viking and Roman butt.
You could tell he's a moonraker because he's raking the moon's reflection in the pond.
by Bill the Cat May 18, 2008
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Any car that looks like a spaceship. It is usually large with a lot of space in it, and is ideal for putting a matress in and fuckin the shit out of an unsuspecting female. A good example is '92 Toyota Previa.
Hey baby, you wanna hop in my moon raker? Its got a matress and a mini bar.
by Bang Bus owner July 17, 2006
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1. To move multiple penises down a girls (no specific area) in a raking fassion. Usually ass or boobs
Guy one: How'd it go last night?

Guy two: Dude, me and another guy totaly pulld a moon raker on this girl!!
by conartist66 March 26, 2010
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