Any time a man goes out of their way to gaze at the meat of another man. A sly and quiet creature in nature, the nance can strike at any time.
Terry peered over the urinal stall and and pulled the nance on nate.
by yo mamma82 October 28, 2006
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verb; to spread joy and happiness with true genuity.
"I am going to bring these sugar cookies to the nursing home, I always nance for the residents."

"That woman is just great at nancing. She makes everyone she meets so happy."
by Leahx25 April 27, 2008
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A male homosexual, a pansy, a man who is more female than male
"Yo dawg check out my dope new scarf"
"You look like a nance bro"
by JetFuelandDankMaymays August 25, 2015
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Surprise anal rape. Usually by a black man or Latino female wearing at minimum a 10'' strap on. Being "nanced" usually results in a trip to the hospital and years on therapy after.
Aw dude this Latino chick nanced me.... I think I might kill myself
by Nathan nancer December 21, 2013
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A senile white female senior citizen (some older Boomers and beyond). She likes Cheesecake Factory, chain restaurants, and things written in Comic Sans saying things like “Zesty!” She has a hard time with technology made after 1995 and sometimes suffers from memory loss or confusion. She misses the old days and may be the mother of a Karen.
Nance: “Why won’t this remote unlock my car? This Thrifty ice cream is going to melt before I get it into the Frigidaire!”
Bystander: “Wrong car, Nance! Yours is the other silver one two rows over with the knitted seat covers!”
by Swaray October 3, 2020
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Nickvideos and lancevideos ship name. The two are bottom gays who are still in the closet.
Person 1: Nick and Lance are such a kawaii couple desu!~
Person 2: Yes I worship nance. Now I am going to stream yikes by Nicki Minaj.
by Hkgr May 28, 2020
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The action of getting lost , despite knowing exactly where you are going.

Having no set plan of actions when in reality you do.
(After taking the wrong subway) Oh man we just Nanced hard!

Me and Fred Nanced around the city until we reached Queens
by wazupakida March 13, 2011
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