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Surprise anal is where a guy, probably a Captain Brownsword, starts by patrolling a bar until he comes across a female wearing a short dress or skirt, sitting on a high bar stool.

Captain Brownsword will then check to make sure the lady in question is;

A - Definitely a lady
B - A willing participant

He will be able to tell she is a willing participant because she will be wearing no pants and her rim will be glistening with lube.

Brownsword will then flop out his John Thomas and steam into the womens brown pipe, totally ignoring the pink, right there in the bar.

Considerately, It will take him approximately 2 mins to blow his load all over her rim, giving her ample time to come twice.

He then then puts his sword back in its scabbath and leaves the lucky lady quivering on her bar stool, covered in his holy water.

Please note: Surprise anal can only be performed properly in a bar and any wishing to pursue the sport should go to youporn and type in surprise anal. This will give you a video guide as to how it is done.
'Look, theres a surprise anal going on at the bar, you can see the women is getting a damn good piping and loving ever second. Her mate looks really jealous'

'Wait there, I have just seen Captain Brownsword at the bar. I need to go and take off my panties, lube up and get the bar quick before he plants one in another lucky slut. Please help, I might never get another chance like this one'
by Stumper steve May 29, 2009
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"last night took an L, but tonight I bounce back" - Big Sean (2017)
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by urbansammy January 20, 2017
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When you shove your schlong into a girl’s asshole but the second you do. You feel the shit that she had left over from chipotle and have to face the fact that your schlong now has leftover food from her visit from chipotle.
“How was that anal interaction last night brethren??”
“I had surprise anal last night man. I hated it but also enjoyed it.”
by TheBicWhisperer February 03, 2020
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