When you place an open can (coke, Dr. Pepper, monster, beer, etc.) in someone’s asshole, stab a hole in the bottom once placed, and shotgun the said substance.
Bro my asshole is still bleeding after Kyle did The Muffler with his monster
by Ni99er_beater69 March 16, 2021
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A technique for eating a girl out involving vibrating or humming your lips on the vagina.
Daniel used the muffler on Kelly and she came like a broken fire hydrant.
by KearnyMesaBowl June 23, 2017
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The. Muffler is the act of stuffing a girls panties into her anus, while she is asleep, leaving any air that escapes her anus, muffled.
" That drunk slut passed out after a hard ass pounding, so I couldn't resist giving her a nice muffler, her tiny little g-string fit right in her gaping hole"
by BBawesome August 21, 2011
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Yo dude, you see the size of that muffler on that broad??
by Keegs February 12, 2004
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A device attached to the muzzle of a firearm to muffle the sound of firing.
My hood, illustrious; marvelous rap, screw-on mufflers. -Raekwon
by Megabruh June 6, 2010
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A cushy office seat designed to muffle your farts
Nobody can hear me farting in my cubical because I have a pretty good muffler.
by skidmarx88 April 14, 2011
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A man used as a cover for a lesbian. Think of it as a buffer for her carpet munching tendencies
Your dad is a real muffler, eh?
by irascio December 14, 2007
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