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A sexual act in which a man asumes the bottom position of a 69, underneath a rather large woman, with his face directly positioned to her ass, then the man delivers a fist to her gut, forcing out a gutteral fart into his eagerly awaiting mouth, so that he may inhale it .
"Yo man, look at the huge ass on that chick ! I'll bet she would give a hell of an Atlanta Dustbuster !"
by BBawesome August 13, 2011

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The. Muffler is the act of stuffing a girls panties into her anus, while she is asleep, leaving any air that escapes her anus, muffled.
" That drunk slut passed out after a hard ass pounding, so I couldn't resist giving her a nice muffler, her tiny little g-string fit right in her gaping hole"
by BBawesome August 20, 2011

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The Feedbag is an extended move to the initial "Muffler" move (Muffler being the act of stuffing a girls panties into her anus)

A Feedbag is the act of removing the Muffler from the girls anus, and placing the soiled garment over her face and around her ears.
"That chick didn't even so much ad twitch when I gave her a muffler, so I went ahead with the full on Feedbag"
by BBawesome August 24, 2011

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