To eat a hairy pussy - to eat a shaved pussy it would be to "polish the floorboads"
do you prefer to polish the floorboards or carpet munching?
by davey2002 January 12, 2007
To perform oral sex on a female. Eat the vagina
My girl didn't shower this week and she wants me to carpet munch.
by kLoWn May 17, 2006
A lesbian, meaning one who enjoys licking or mouthing another female's pubic area (hence, "carpet").
God, Bridget is hot. But it turns out she's just a carpet munching lesbian. No fuck for me!
by Winston Smith March 10, 2005
A baby born into a lesbian family, will be a carpet munching baby
Lindzii is having a Carpet Munching Baby
by Aleishajade January 13, 2009
a girl who acts like she is lesbian and does lesbian acts on the street just like a dirty whore.
"blow out is such a carpet munching sewer skank".

"damn look at that carpet munching sewer skank"
by c.p.k August 28, 2009