A technique for eating a girl out involving vibrating or humming your lips on the vagina.
Daniel used the muffler on Kelly and she came like a broken fire hydrant.
by KearnyMesaBowl June 23, 2017
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The. Muffler is the act of stuffing a girls panties into her anus, while she is asleep, leaving any air that escapes her anus, muffled.
" That drunk slut passed out after a hard ass pounding, so I couldn't resist giving her a nice muffler, her tiny little g-string fit right in her gaping hole"
by BBawesome August 21, 2011
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A cushy office seat designed to muffle your farts
Nobody can hear me farting in my cubical because I have a pretty good muffler.
by skidmarx88 April 14, 2011
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Something that shouldn't be loud.
Ricer: Oh yeah I just got a loud muffler for my car so people will think my car is cool because it has a loud exhaust but I'm too poor to afford a real powerful car!

Me: ......You're an idiot.
by Kevin Esser February 26, 2008
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The process of preventing your female partners orgasmic groans from becoming too loud by applying another females genitalia to her mouth, hence muffling the moans.
- "Darling we've had noise complaints from the neighbours about your orgasmic moanings, how about we ask your twin sister if she'd like to do a spot of muffling?"

- "Dude, my missus is so loud when we get it on that I have to apply a muffler, which is pretty much a win win for me!!"
by Stu-muffler November 13, 2009
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When a girl sits on a guys face, butt on the nose, facing the toes and she accidentally farts.
To celebrate their anniversary Carl & Janie ate at their favorite Mexican restaurant, which came back to haunt Carl when she accidentally gave him The Muffler.
by Dan Cortez March 27, 2017
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When someone is tossing your salad and you fart in their mouth.
Then say: "Boom... Muffler!"
by dspinner January 24, 2005
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