1. Whenever you reach a proclamation or announce a very important prophecy that you wish others to remember.

2. A statement said before or after an exclamation.
"We shitting on bitches on here! Let it be known!"

"Let dat shit be known, yo ass is a faggot."
by Ju B. October 23, 2007
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This means LISTEN UP MF'ER! Youre about to hear something important and you WILL be held accountable for the info. It's accompanied at times by ringing in the ears, headache , and blurred vision. A LET IT BE KNOWN can be in verbal or written form.
They are usually ineffective because the non-listeners are often dumbasses but they are still accountable for the info.
Dr Phil--Dod you tell Gregor about his ass?
Krystola- ahhh, Imma wait and beat his ass when he gets outta jail!
Dr Phil- Woosah Krystola, I have several issues with that. You should atleast do a LET IT BE KNOWN announcement.
by Princess Weirdo February 3, 2022
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