1. One of the main villains in Dragonball Z. He was defeated by Goku, but came back later as Cyber-Frieza, who is mostly machine. Even though Cyber-Frieza is more powerful than regular Frieza, Trunks still whooped his ass easily!
2. Someone who really, really, really hates monkeys, apes, or Saiyans.
1. Dude! How can you think Frieza's a badass? Both Goku AND Trunks beat the shit out of him!
2. You might not want to take him to the primate exhibit at the zoo, he can be a real Frieza.
by Kevin Martin May 7, 2004
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Frieza (Freeza is the real way of spelling his name although it is pronounced the same) is a fictional character in the Dragon Ball series. He is a tyrannical emporer of the known universe who has conquered and destroyed many planets. He has the power level of over 9000(about 120,000,000) He enforces his private army of what he likes to call the "Frieza Force" and sends them off to conquer planets. His elite personal squad is called the Ginyu force. His 2 servants are named Zarbon and Dudoria. He has 3 forms he powers down into to control his power. He was the one responsible for destroying planet Vegeta resulting in the destruction of the Saiya-jins (Saiyans) He was defeated by Goku when he killed Goku's best friend Krillin triggering Goku into fulfilling an ancient alien prophecy and going Supa Saiya-jin (Super Saiyan). He was let go by Goku because there was no chance of him (Frieza) of winning. He later healed, went to Earth and was killed by Trunks(Vegeta's son). He was later resurrected trained to become Golden Frieza to seek revenge but was killed by Goku (for good)
Frieza is extremely evil. Dont mess with him unless you can go super saiyan
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A dbz main villain character (a badass) He might have died by goku but still whooped his ass like the first two times killed krillin like 3 times
by LunaTunaLopez June 3, 2017
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Similar or relating to the lizard space man
“It must be more of that mutant Friezaness inside.”
by Kvng-300 February 4, 2021
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wierd ass dude in dragon ball that goku absolutley dunks on
frieza is a little bitch.
by fucked retard January 3, 2021
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A measurement of time according to Frieza from Dragon Ball Z.

When he sets namek to blow up, it takes 7 episodes to blow up.
30 minutes an episode, that is 3hours 30 mins for 5 minutes to pass in Frieza Time:
1 Frieza second = 42 Frieza seconds
1 Frieza minute = 42 Frieza minutes
1 Frieza day = 42 Frieza days
1 Frieza year = roughly 42 Frieza years
Jake: I'll just be a min you pranny!

Henry: That was more than a minute Jake!

Jake: I meant 1 Frieza Minute!

Henry: Oh, you meant Frieza Time!
by sangajin1 April 22, 2013
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