The original name of Goku from Dragon Ball Z, given to him at his home planet of Vegeta.
Kakarot! You idiot!
by Jenilyn May 23, 2005
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Son Goku's Saiyan name. The name is a pun on carrot, as is the name of his home planet Vegeta, (vegetable), if you notice, most saiyan names are puns on vegetables. Raditz = Radish, and so on.

Vegeta only refers to Son Goku as Kakarot because (or it as at least implied), that he doesn't recognize Goku has an earthling, because he was born saiyan, and he believes he should take pride in that fact, however Goku thinks otherwise, he wants nothing to do with the saiyans due to their violent and merciless nature, and prides himself on being raised an earthling.
Vegeta: Fight me, Kakarot!
by kyle.biddle December 30, 2011
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A low class clown with no pride in his heritage.
"Man Nikola is such a kakarot he refuses to go to the Serbian heritage festival with me"
"That's rough dude"
by Bardockhazar May 21, 2014
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lots of gruntng screams of pain
by Shwarnzenneger November 24, 2003
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Eather Carrot in Japanese or the main hero from DBZ
Goku is also known as Kakarot(DBZ)

Rabbits like Kakarots (Food)
by DBZ fan September 1, 2003
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the l33best haxor on counter-strike and its mods
OMFG WTF Kakarot just killed everyone with a headshot. Hes hacking vote him out!!!
by Nick Shaffner May 21, 2004
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one who is from, or is related to the nation of kakaro
hello, i am a kakarot, meaning i am from kakaro
by Distinguished Ewok July 7, 2004
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