To have possession of a thing that does not belong to you with the knowledge and blessing of the belongee.
Person 1: Did he lend that to you?
Person 2: Like, he didn't give it to me, but I have it.
by oneacycle February 5, 2019
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A lend is boarding school slang for a person who continually sucks up to their superiors, typically teachers or senior pupils. May be used as a noun (a lend) or as a verb (lending).
Oh look, Thomas is lending to Mr. Meryl. No surprises there.
by Dichoton August 19, 2020
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A dumb bitch that don’t give a fuck but has lots of hoes 🤷🏻 ♀️

by oompa loompa bae June 15, 2020
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A cool guy to be a friend with. He might be dry in texting but he is a funny guy.
Do you know Lend ? He's very fucking random.
by theguynamedlend May 8, 2021
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A regional Irish slang word that describes a gobshite or to express your upset nature or even to insult out of spite.
"Yo, can I copy your homework?"
"No I spent a lot of time on this"
"Lend"/"you absolute lend"/ "so lendy"
by Lendy March 22, 2017
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An Australian term meaning to be lying to a person for one's own amusement.
"He said she had an STI"
"He's only having a lend of you"
by ZStardust February 13, 2012
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1. The worst possible insult for a worker in ILL borrowing.

2. Any egregious form of disrespect.
Damn, bro, you just got sent to lending? That's a pretty serious dis!
by "Sweet" Pablo Ben June 10, 2004
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