The Little Man is a philosophy as he is an entity, he punishes those who do wrong, say wrong, or take shortcuts in life, usually by having events of "bad luck" play out on the person.
Don't copy that homework, or The Little Man's gonna get you.
by YourDaddy128 September 19, 2017
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a young boy who seems to be more grown up and acts manley, but is not yet grown often a child, can be a pet
ohh look at my little man, so cute and grown up
by StrongDrinks July 14, 2010
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An adult male who, due to a psychological or physical issue (often lack of stature) which gives them a complex of inadequacy , feels compelled to "prove themselves" to both friends and others on any given occasion by advocating and indulging in stupid and often dangerous acts of male bravado. The participants are often aided in these acts by their beer muscle.
"After a few beers, he was behaving like a little man"
by Jimmy Mac October 18, 2004
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Smallest Person in the group often referred to as a Dwarf or midget....
Little Man is not buying drinks as he can't see over the bar lol.....
by Pickwick the Rabbit June 22, 2006
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When playing drinking games that players can define rules, the little man rule is usually stated:
Every time you have to drink (not casually) you must pretend there is a little man sitting on your drink which you must remove and replace after drinking. Failure to do so will result in further drinking as a penalty.
Victoria picked a red 5, she has to drink for 5 seconds. "Don't forget the little man!" Victoria thanks Diana while the guys hope she at least has a low tolerance..
by Appliance Direct October 15, 2004
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A mans treasure, penis, knob, wiener, shlong
I got hit by a baseball in my crotch, and I got really worried about my little man.
by Betty Eastwood April 17, 2018
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Little man is someone who is usually smaller than the usual height for their age and acts tougher than others because they play a sport. When someone is taller than them they will usually get on thier tippy toes and will put their chest out to look taller.
Student1: "Aiden is little man."
Student2: "Why?"
Student1: "Everytime I compare my height to his to mess around he always gets on his tippy toes and he will put his chest out."
Student1: "Also, he always says I play football and I just dont believe because him he is too small and runt. I dont think they would let him on a team."
by You normie? BRUHHYY October 14, 2019
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