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A cliche jazz phrase often used in II-V-I progressions and has become a joke among jazz musicians.
Dude, you quoted "the lick" so many times in your solo!
by DJONTY DJENTLEMAN February 07, 2017
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Phrase the was popularized in the seventies (continuing in limited use through the eighties) that meant "the stuff" , i.e., the best-of-the-best of an given category.
Man, that new caddy is the lick.
by Chill Will September 11, 2003
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The licks. When you've finally reached the point past exhaustion and insanity starts to set in. All seriousness just goes out the window. Side effects include: laughing until everything hurts at stuff that's not even funny, repetitive zoning, and sudden urges.... just...urges...
Bro, I got the licks *hahahahaha....*
by Lil_Siggy November 19, 2016
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