The British/Canadian/Australian correct way of spelling 'center' when pretaining to a gathering place. (ie. Community Centre)
I went to the rexall centre last night and saw an awesome game.
by ericandude April 6, 2010
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Noun, correct spelling which is now most commonly known as "center".
There is a large table in the centre of the room.
I need to go to the city centre to get some things.
by antmaster September 4, 2006
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Not the place you want to be. Its an invasion of MA tradition!!! It looks like a hotel and lierally, punched wholes in this school.Sorry Centre- you don't pass.
you are in Centre?...sorry
by bblurrph March 1, 2005
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a certain surf spot near wamberal beach ruled by either "hectic locals" or " keegZ " and is totally insane when its offshore and glassy as bro.
dude were you out at centres today, yeah man fuck did you see keegZ shredding.
by champion1234 July 4, 2011
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Rubbing someone's stomach whilst going in through the back door. Some people use massage oil however it is not necessary, just use spit :)
by CubicAtom April 5, 2023
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the language centre is basically strathclyde`s answer to auschwitz. the old ladies gas all the nignogs, downies and creatures of the sort
that dirty spook just stared at me. drag him out of his coon shuttle and stick him in the language centre!!! muhahaha.

by Ben Ifford October 16, 2007
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Toronto, ON, Canada.

Generally hated by the rest of Canada (especially the West!) "Centre of the universe" is a mocking reference to the attitude of self-importance Toronto is claimed to have.
"Those guys at the centre of the universe are talking about shootings like they actually have something to complain about." -- Guy from Vancouver
by it111 February 27, 2008
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