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Located on the west coast of Spain. Benidorm is a popular holiday location for people who are from the Middlands, central England.
Jack: Where are you going for holiday this year?
Jill: Ar'm goin' Benidorm!
Jack: Err its just Birmingham with a beach.

Jill: Yer A no. Luv it!
by Kingslimy July 03, 2013
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The place fat lower-middle class british people go to ride moblity scooters and get sunburned causing them to look like tomatoes stuffed into a small shoppingkart
Non-british person: I went to Benidorm this summer.
Friend: Oooooh, how was it?
Non-british person: Morbidly. Obese. Tomato. Brits.
by Frozen_Light July 20, 2017
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The Most Horrible City on the Planet filled with Junkies, AIDS patients and criminals who should all be quarantined and a nuclear bomb should be dropped on this disgusting Wasteland!
Everyone I know from benidorm is an AIDS infested whore minger!
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