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Lads Lad.

A pure Lads Lad is a male who specialises in creating and distributing exquisite banter and is generally seen as a mad cunt. Most true Lads Lads are young 16-22 age is defiantly a defining characteristic because a lads lad cannot show any signs of maturity through out his laddish career . The way in which a true lads lad can differ slightly but common behavior of a lads lad is :

- Lack of consideration towards the female sex.
- Horrific racist comments both publicly and privately

- Cringe-worthey banter.
- Insane verbal abuse
- Exposing genitalia
- General Social Network site Bullying

Common side effects of being a Lads Lad

- Lack of minge
- Loss of female friends
- Basically everything to do with females.

Despite a Lads Lad been hailed as a King by the male sex deep down they know this is the incorrect road for them because in the end all lads need some gash at the end of the day.
Alex - Man id love to go dogging in't feild with that lass.

Amber - Eww listen to him talk he's such a disgusting Lads Lads
by Alex Hunton December 15, 2010
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