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When you eat a large amount of food and soon after feel really tired
Man that half apps gave me the itis
by niggrumps September 29, 2014
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The general feeling of lethargy and well-being experienced after eating a satisfying meal. This phenomena is particularly triggered by foods high in carbohydrates and meats containing the amino acid tryptophan.
I got the itis so bad after the Thanksgiving meal I just chilled on the couch and watched some movies.
by Dorjan Scott February 16, 2004
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the feeling, called niggeritis because it is normally found in us Blacks, after enjoying a filling meal. some symptoms are fatigue, "happy" feet, and droopy eyes.
I got the worse case of the itis after that cheese steak with fries.
by Philly's Fynest Shorty March 14, 2006
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When you become sleepy after eating food or getting some booty.
"Man after I ate that chinese food the Itis whupped my ass."
by January 27, 2004
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