5 definitions by niggrumps

Where you nut while fuckin a bitch then instantly disappear like you were never there.
Steve: Bro you remember that girl Ann I hooked up wit?
Jay: Yah did you fuck?
Steve: I ghost nutted on her back
by niggrumps July 21, 2019
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Sub Crip gang started in San Bernardino, CA off of baseline. Less violent than other Crip factions but they’re still wit da smoke so don’t try nun on em
Marcus: you bitch made onna deadlocs homie
Weezy: on candy Crip thie snozzberry taste like lead cuh
Marcus: oh so you really wit da shits huh
by niggrumps November 20, 2018
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When you eat a large amount of food and soon after feel really tired
Man that half apps gave me the itis
by niggrumps September 29, 2014
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To beat repeatedly and violently with little to no mercy
May God have mercy on my meat cuz I’m bout to yam my shit til I meet Jesus
by niggrumps September 16, 2019
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