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The Israeli Army consists of unbelieveable people that will sacrifice their life for the good of the rest of the isralies. Yes, you are by law forced to join the army at the age of 18, but as an Israele, I know I speak for all other Israelies, becoming a soldier is an honour. Like your grandparents, and parents before you did. It's something you are born into. Seeing soldiers walking down the street. Like 18 year old kids in America, for them they know it's the normal, logical thing to go into College. For Isralies, the only thing that makes sense is going into the Army. For guys more than girls, it is important to get into the best units. It's a sign of bravery and who's more of a "man". The Israeli army (IDF) shapes the Israelis identity. It makes them who they are. It toughens them, and it connects them to their country. It is the best thing a person can go through. And I am greatful to be apart of such a unified country.
Tomer: "So Liran, what unit do you want to go into in the Israeli Army?"
Liran: "I want to be an F-16 pilot"
Tomer: "Oh yea, wasn't your dad a pilot as well?"
Liran: "Yea, from a young age he told me amazing stories about it. But I know I am more privilged, because technology is amazing now, and the planes are unbelievable"
by Liran Almog December 26, 2005
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The most intense army on earth. If Israel gets invaded by, like, 10 different countries, their army would be able to kick ass. This isnt a political statement about the whole situation there between the Israelis and the Arabs, all im saying is that they kick ass.
If America had the same amount of people in the army, and all the same equipment as the Israeli Army and no one had allies or nukes, Israel would kick America's ass, even if they had like 1000 more people than them.
by Smart, Sane, Super great March 21, 2006
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A relatively small group of elite soldiers, funded almost entirely by the US taxpayer, upheld for the sole purpose of maintaining a Western presence in the Middle-East.
The Israeli Army has killed more innocent civilians than combatants in Palestine.
by mcfly17 December 25, 2011
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