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A channel that always has shows with lame, repetetive plots, and will make a show or a movie every time they think of an amusing pun or any random theme (i.e. a kid who plays baseball and cooks.) Although the target audience is 9 year old girls and fruity boys of their early teens/preteens, they will not heisitate to make movies like "High School Musical" (by the way, if they wanted to make a realistic high school movie, it wouldn't be on Disney Channel, it would be on comedy central at 10:00 at night.) Every frikin month they make a new movie and use the same actors (or better yet actresses) over and over and end up turning them into crappy, anerexic pop performers with no skill who end up lasting for little over a year.
Unfortunately you can tell it will be around for a LONG time since their so rich they dont even need to show commercials that dont advertise their own things
Disney Channel writer: ever notice how if you spell "suite" it sounds like "sweet"
Other Disney Channel writer: OMFG!!!! LETS MAKE A SHOW ABOUT IT!!!

I wouldn't care about Disney Channel, if it werent for my little sisters watching it all the fucking time
by Smart, Sane, Super great March 21, 2006

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A city that is a suburb of Boston (not a town, a city because of its form of government.) It does in fact have a large Jewish population and many of the inhabitants are middle or upper middle class. But it is a good city with a great public school system and is the safest city in America. Its schools and city programs have great sports (Newton North High School won an award for its basketball team in the 2005-2006 season.)
Newton Massachusetts is divided into many towns, Nonantum being one that has a large Italian population.

If you live in Newton, you can get to Boston very quickly
by Smart, Sane, Super great March 21, 2006

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A great punk band with an awesome message that you shouldnt mindlessly support what the government does all the time because that makes it a police state. It goes back to the foundations of punk rock with both its sound and its anti establishment message. It was originally only started because the band members were so disgusted at the political situation (in america im guessing) that they decided to make a band to express that feeling, it ended up being a sucess.
Some, but not all of anti flag's albums:
Die For Your Government
The Terror State
Underground Network
The System Doesn't Work For You
North America Sucks

so true
by Smart, Sane, Super great March 21, 2006

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A white christian male (aka an average American) who is on Fox news. He claims to be fair and balanced and that the "spin stops here" but he is obviously more conservative than not. In the past he sexually harassed women. Somones however, he can be reasonable like when he thinks that jail time shouold be stricter for child rapists. I agree with that, thats a sensible decision. However, he constantly bashes the democrats labeling them the "dangerous far left" and always cuts off people who disagree with them.
When Pat Robertson said Islam was evil, Bill O'Reilly took a stand, not because those were racist comments but because it would hurt the war on terror, he only cares about that.

Bill O'Reilly doesnt think gay people make good actors (seriously)
by Smart, Sane, Super great March 21, 2006

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The most intense army on earth. If Israel gets invaded by, like, 10 different countries, their army would be able to kick ass. This isnt a political statement about the whole situation there between the Israelis and the Arabs, all im saying is that they kick ass.
If America had the same amount of people in the army, and all the same equipment as the Israeli Army and no one had allies or nukes, Israel would kick America's ass, even if they had like 1000 more people than them.
by Smart, Sane, Super great March 21, 2006

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