A term with a few different meanings, depending on the context of its use.

The Huns were a tribe of Asiatic nomads who, under the leadership of Atilla the Hun (also known as the "Scourge of God" by Europeans who feared him) in the 5th century AD, swept into Europe with his infamous horde of mounted archers. Under his leadership, they pillaged/sacked/razed many towns and villages belonging to the Roman Empire, and other tribespeople who were in Europe at the time (namely the Germanic tribes). Relatively little is known about this group of people.

The term resurfaced in the early 20th century, when WWI broke out. By the Allied powers, it became a derogatory term for any German soldier (much like "Fritz" and "Jerry" were also used to refer to Germans). It stayed in use as late as WWII. It was akin to the terms "Tommy" (for English soldiers) and "Yank" (for US soldiers).
The Huns swept through Europe, threatening Rome and local tribespeople.

"C'mon, you Hun bastards, get outta your fucking dugouts! I got a hundred Maxim rounds with your names on them!"
by The One Who Cocks February 09, 2014
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derogatory word for german or protestant, esp in Northern ireland.
Used to describe rangers football fans.
by roy the roaster November 06, 2003
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A member of a nomadic people who invaded Europe in the 4th century.
The Huns invaded the Europe and captured a lot of area.
by John Ryan March 05, 2006
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Slag for a Protestant from Northern Ireland / The Six Counties. Usually a fat, inbreed loyalist or a Rangers fan. Unfortunetly many Catholics use this term to describe all Protestants, forgeting or completely unaware that many of the founding fathers of Irish Republicanism where Protestant - Tone, Emmett, McCraken and Parnell to name a few.
Look at that moany, fat, smelly hun. You'd think he'd do the decent thing and accept his fate of living in a United Irish Republic.
by kim_ie March 22, 2007
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a barbaric tribe responsible for the fall of rome.alomost destroyed christianity in europe.know as the riders of the apocolypse by many before the death of attila.
by ScarryLarry October 26, 2003
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British army WWI term for a German. The term is still used today.
Stupid fucking huns always on the sunbeds.
by Gumba Gumba April 13, 2004
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