An orange Brit prod. from Northern Ireland
**** away back off 'til yer own coun-tri.... like fuck.
by Abdul Rapeyama March 20, 2003
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Word used in a derogatory manner by Roman Catholics in Northern Ireland, when referring to their Protestant countryfolk.
Fuckin' Huns are taking all the jobs.
by OB July 31, 2003
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A hun is a dirty smelly orange scumbag bastard that loves to hate and kill catholics for fun and supports the devils spawn and still celebrate that catholic killing horse shaggin poof king billy after all them years ago.
thats basically wat a hun is. there alot worse i just dont have the time to type all the bad things out id be here for years
by Henrik March 04, 2004
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A person not welcome in Ireland who's sole purpose for staying is purely to piss absolutely everybody off by constantly trying to reaffirm their links to the crown when everyone else would rather they proved it by just fucking off to Britain. (ok, not everybody, I don't think the British want them either)
Look at that fat bowler hat wearing hun parading up and down the street.
by Sean April 16, 2004
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A hun is the definition of a green-teethed, curly-haired, english ass-kisser, who also supports the worlds first and foremost garbage-collector's team the Glasgow Rankers. Known quotes: "Get aff me, I did nae do nuffin! The guy in the shop gave it tae me as a preseant!" ; "Ah just got the latest number of Chicks with Dicks!" ; "Ah swear this is the last time judge, I wis only borrowing that TV!"
That hun just stole a vibrator!
The huns get gubbed on foreign land
by McDanny September 19, 2006
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Rangers FC or a rangers supporter
aKa SARS - Sad Angry Rangers Supporters
Are we playing the huns on saturday
by Henke Larsson September 30, 2003
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Dirty, filthy, smelly, bigoted Rangers fan with a huge chip on both shoulders. The sort of person who hates everyone and ironically, any decent person hates them
by Brenno April 03, 2004
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