A jocular term for a protestant from the north of Ireland. Best described as an irish version of the KKK
i see them motherfuckin huns murdered another catholic taxi driver last night
by da origanal playa May 17, 2006
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a bigoted soap dodging "peepul". very familiar with beastiality, shagging his daughter when his mum, and 50 sisters are on the rag, shouting no surrender, 1690, can always be seen with the obligitory rangers chain, the usual loyalist tattoos, and with the the obvious body odour it looks like its maybe time their love for Queen and country was repayed with communal showers or maybe if they take the roof off ibrox we can get them all together and blew them to smithereens.
not too many celebrities claim to be huns, just the "peepul" scum of the earth. 26+6= 1
by jp July 14, 2004
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A condescending word used to tell people inferior. (younger kids)
Hey hun, i like your x mas picture.
by imolderthanyou May 12, 2010
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A word that is used as an abbreviation for "Honey".
Short for "Honey".
"Oh emm gee, my boyfriend broke up with me! I need advice!"
"Hun, just ignore him."
by H.M. Switz May 22, 2008
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The British derogatary nickname for Germans during the two World Wars. Still to be heard at football games.
"I can't believe we got all the way through to the semi-finals, then got knocked out by the Huns! Sneaky bastard Krauts!"
by Eric_Phillips October 08, 2006
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