An extremely serious medical condition, in which the sufferer is compelled to Jack Off. This is a very dangerous condition that may lead to death, possibly by drowning in Jizz. The affects of this condition can last for up to 2 weeks. Scientists are working of a cure, but as of yet there is no cure or treatment.
Person 1: Hey do you know why will was ill?

Person 2: Yeah, he had The Horn.

Person 1: Oh shit! is he gunna be ok?

Person 2: They're not sure. He has been in hospital for the last 4 days, they just can't seem to get him stop it. There's not much hope.

Person 1: Poor guy.
by Chronic sufferer March 19, 2010
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The feeling you get before you decide to beat off. Usually with following up to the beating of the dick unless there are people around in which case the horn increases until you can't take it anymore.
Bob-" Hey man what's with you? Your face looks all weird."

Lil JJ-" Yo I'm in the horn right now son. I think i need to use yo computer for about 15-20 min."
by The Chree March 26, 2007
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when a man gets extremely aroused by a female, usually one with dirty great beef curtains, who likes to be alabhama hotpocketed.
"daves mum gives me the horn, her tangy twat makes me soo hott"

by paul mckenna March 11, 2008
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(p.noun) alter ego of Einhorn
(verb) to subject an individual of the female persuasion to a backdoor rodgering not likely to be forgotten.
"ahhh, The Penix gave her The Horn last night, she was limpin' good!"
by Black Belt Jones September 18, 2003
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First started by Tommy Iommi of Black Sabbath fame, due to his lack of middle and ring fingers (on his fretting hand) because of a machinery accident in the early years of the band, this is now a worldwide recognised gesture, often used in conjunction with the words "Rock On".
Rock On this is a fucking awesome gig! *The Horns*
by Nymphetaminegirl April 14, 2006
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