Horning the act of committing adultery.

Having an extramarital affair or in a relationship and cheating.
Look how Janet horning James with Mark, but she don’t know James horning she with she sister.
by Sherie1007 May 7, 2019
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Demonstrating your intention and desire to perform a carnal act with one or more members of the sex to which you are most attracted.
Did you see Charlie talking to Linda and that hen do party she was with? he was really horning at them.
by Snikks July 22, 2011
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Where all white girls that are not in flight act like they are ghetto

Where all kids are “depressed”
Flight kids are all white

“Most ghetto school”
All the boys that are not in flight act like they are in a gang

The duel language kids are weird
Has 91 horing ship pages

Success is not a tradition here
Horning is not fun at all
by Xxxagon October 17, 2019
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Horning - verb. The act of using a Shofar (ram's horn) to wake up, surprise, or spook an otherwise unsuspecting victim. Popularized in a viral video uploaded to the web in January 2013.
"We tried Horning Kim last night, but we laughed too much and she heard us."

"Dude, we could barely fuckin breathe after we horned Jordan last night, we were laughing so much. I think he was convulsing so hard that his synapses were fried."
by Dreamy_Dave January 16, 2013
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The feeling of being lonely and horny. Are you horny because you're lonely or lonely because you're horny? That's the mystery of being hornely.
That lady in the car commercial sure is pretty. I'd like to smell her hair.... god I'm hornely.
by Jimbert October 1, 2016
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A: She gave me her phone number two days ago
B: You had better get on the horn pretty quick if you want her to go out with you
by theone1103 August 7, 2012
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A hand gesture used by metal heads to symbolize their love of the music. First used by Ronnie James Dio during his years in Black Sabbath, during the Heaven and Hell tour.
Dio would use the horns to emphasize a particularly dark moment. The moment had to deserve the horns. Dio himself did not invent the sign, the horns were originally an italian gesture that was used either to repel or to give the evil eye, and went by the name Mano Cornuto. Dio gives the credit to his grandmother for impressing the horns upon him, for she was the one who used it the most around him.
It pisses me off that people give the horns at fucking Hannah Montanna concerts. They are ment for METAL.
by Heavy Metal is the Law April 26, 2008
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