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When one places one's sweaty testicles on an unsuspecting person's face, eyes, chin, mouth, forehead or any other part of the face.
I gave this dumb chick The Grapes of Wrath last night after I was steaming them up in my pants.
by Keith J. Johnson October 04, 2008
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Two people shit in a bucket, the guy fucking stamps on it then sticks his foot in her vagina.

(you can do this in solidarity, but its me)
"Hey Amy, just ate a burrito, wanna get 'the grapes of wrath' tonight?"
by IronRhino December 03, 2011
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A sexual act in which the male droops his testicals between his legs as the female sucks them from behind the male rips an extra juicy fart.
She thought it was going to be a boring Tuesday night, until I dropped the grapes of wrath on her.
by RiggsMurtaugh September 12, 2017
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