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This term could have a few different meanings:
1. Refers to the act of sucking fuck juices.
2. Refers to the act of collecting fuck juices, adding a hardening agent, a little sugar and making a sucker and/or lollie pop.
3. Refers to a vampiric man/creature that sucks fuck.
4. A deraugatory term that doesn't make a whole lot of sense.
1. After have sex, the man goes down and slurps up the juices. Woman: "Yeah, you're bad little fuck sucker aren't you? Suck that fuck juice!"

2. "Want to go to the store and grab some fucksuckers?"

3. "I'm going suck your fuck! Muhuhahahaha!"

4. "Hey, what's up Fuck Sucker?"
by Brian_H December 18, 2007

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An excellent book by a very good classical writer. Not liking it is common, but calling it a bad book is a typical symptom of being a stupid teenager.
Steinbeck has written many great novels, such as 'Grapes of Wrath' and 'Of Mice and Men', though getting today's teenagers to even pronounce the word 'book' is a feat in itself.
by Brian_H January 29, 2006

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