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When a fruit- an actual fruit not some body part (ex avacodo.. and yes that is a fruit) gets softer and sweeter before over ripening which is the same as spoiling. So don't use the word over-ripening cause it confuses people. ITS EITHER RIPE OR SPOILED! GET. IT. RIGHT.

If you need any further understanding please direct yourself to the monologue below. Please and thank you for your time:)
John: Howdy Ann did ya get 'ny fruit?
Ann: Yessam John I gots us some

John: Is da fruit ripe?

Ann: Awwwe nawwww:( It still green.

When it yellow wi'some-a-dem spots

then us folk know it ripe fruit...S'sorry

John: It okay Ann.
Ann: Have urself a goodday John.
John: I caaaant Ann me bananas r'nt

ripe!! Dey RIP.........
(John cries and runs away)
by Key-of-the Limest Pie June 18, 2017
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