The gossip is a sex position done between either one or more sexual partners. The woman puts one leg up in the air onto the males shoulder then proceeds to put her leg behind her back. The male then proceeds to do the same thing. After completion, you begin to grind against each other’s genitalia until orgasm.
Example: The Gossip Is A Sex Position.

“Omg kelly, I just had the best gossip ever”

“How was it, Michelle?”
Out of this world experience, best I’ve ever had!!!”
by boner483 May 27, 2019
Exaggeration or fabrication of a story, regarding somebody other than the tale bearer, in the absence of this person who is being discussed - for the malicious purpouse of demeaning, slandering or tarnisging this person's reputation.
I used to be good friends with this bitch for like 6 years, and when we had a fallout, she went around gossiping all of my personal shit to people behind my back.
by Tom February 29, 2004
Talking bad about a person and their life when it's clearly none of your fucking business.
"Omg, she likes him? She's so unattractive tho!"
"I don't care. I hate people who gossip."
by auroralover_9 May 18, 2018
Something nasty people do when they are bored, have no life, or are really stupid. It's nasty because a lot of the time you never hear about it and people are way too PC to admit and are nice to you to your face, but spread nasty gossip behind your back. And you never know what happened when someone suddenly hates you for no reason or some people start threatening you for no reason. That's because some loser(s) with no life or brain decided to gossip because they're too stupid to have any hobbies, a real social life, or any shread of concience whatsoever.

Gossip is what happens before you get a knife in your back.
"You're a gossiping wench and I hope the toilet eats you next time you take one of your rauncy diareah shits"
"Get a new hobby, try nitting, cutting yourself just stop gossiping. It causes cancer."
by clueless_furball November 18, 2006
An event between loose mouthed assholes, that happens as soon as you get into highschool. People start talkin, before you even get a chance to say anything, then ruins your reputation, and follows you all the way to your deathbed. It never ends.
"psst did you hear....."
"like omg, lets go up to her and make fun of her"
"i heard what you did over the summer you slut!"
by just another slut June 15, 2004
Talking shit about someone without their permission. Talking shit about someone as soon as they turn their back.
Can you believe that my own mother would be gossiping about me?!
by hkh0138 March 26, 2016