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Motherfucker is a word that's, well kind of dumb. I feel ashamed of using it. If you look at the words it litterly means someone who makes passionate sweet love to their mother. Though no one really thinks about it. Basicly a motherfucker is someone you really detest. A lot of people tend to call people motherfuckers, for no reason. Just for something to do. Motherfucker can always be worded into a sentence to mean somethings good or something so "I'm a motherfucking pimp" That's supposed to mean basicly they think they are a good pimp, a really good pimp. Or that they a pimp that fucks their mother and pimps other mothers on the side. It could mean many things. It means different things everywere.
by clueless_furball November 18, 2006
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Something nasty people do when they are bored, have no life, or are really stupid. It's nasty because a lot of the time you never hear about it and people are way too PC to admit and are nice to you to your face, but spread nasty gossip behind your back. And you never know what happened when someone suddenly hates you for no reason or some people start threatening you for no reason. That's because some loser(s) with no life or brain decided to gossip because they're too stupid to have any hobbies, a real social life, or any shread of concience whatsoever.

Gossip is what happens before you get a knife in your back.
"You're a gossiping wench and I hope the toilet eats you next time you take one of your rauncy diareah shits"
"Get a new hobby, try nitting, cutting yourself just stop gossiping. It causes cancer."
by clueless_furball November 18, 2006
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A boob is a big lump of fat that hangs of a women's chest. They have something in the middle called a nipple. Boobs make very great warm pillows. They are fun to lick and cuddle.

Boobs ussualy come in pairs, like a pair of sneakers. They even age like sneakers and get all wrinkled saggy with age.

"Everyone likes boobs, even gay men!"
"I love your boobs. They are so large and so firm!"
by clueless_furball November 1, 2006
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MSN stands for "My Stupid Neighbour". My Stupid Neighbour, puts you in contact with that stupid bitch next door through the interwebs. AH THE SWEET AGONY!

My Stupid Neighbour was spawned onto the world by the evil Microsoft Labs. Microsoft Labs is famous for creating My Stupid Neighbour(TM), Turd, Failure, of course we can't forget Interweb Stalker 5.0. Everyone loves Interweb Stalker 5.0!
"OMFG, MSN is so annoying, but I can't stop using her!"
"MSN is the most shittiest program ever, though it is not as shitty at the other ones and that's sort of sad"
"MSN gave me a worm and that worm got me pregnant"
by clueless_furball December 21, 2006
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Os-tans are anime personifications of operating systems as girls. Another name for it them is OS-girls. It all started when some random guy in Japan working at futaba channel thought Windows ME was like a tempermental troublesome girl who did all kinds of stupid things that lacked common sense.
person1: Xp-tan is a os-tan she has really big boobs!
Other person: YOU ARE PERVE!
by clueless_furball November 1, 2006
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Windows ME is a viruse that mysteriously appeared from another planet. This alien viruse made more viruses.

Windows ME hatched from the gaping anus of Microsoft Labs. Microsoft labs makes some interesting viruses. They made Windows 95, 98, XP and 2000 (which was a very similar viruse indeed) In fact Windows 95 and 98 and ME they are all inbred brother's and sisters. That's why they are so dumb, and make bad things happen to our poor friend Mr computer.
"I'm sorry to inform you...But you have Windows ME"
"Windows ME is in all my nightmares, I can't escape it"
"Can't sleep, Windows ME will eat me, and my chocolate ice cream"
by clueless_furball November 18, 2006
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Your mom is a phrase used by people who are too stupid to come up with a answer to a simple question. Or don't answer it out of arrogance. This phrase is used a lot by spoiled college boys who's mommy and daddy paid for their car, tuition and ipods.

Obviously they are mommy's boys since they love their mommy so much they say your mom. They must love their mommy so much. See mommy's boy
Person: "Who pissed on the toilet seat?!"
Arrogant cunt: "your mom!"
by clueless_furball November 1, 2006
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