The King of Town's buffalo wing napkin. He needs it. He's got, like, 50 frickin' wings here!
BOOOOP! BOOOOP! BOOOOP! This is a napkin alert, Marzipan! I've lost...umm...my napkin! It's the one I always use when I eat buffalo wings, and I can't find it anywhere. Now, it answers to the name, "The Flamingo". So if you've seen it, please have it give me a call. I've got like, fifty frickin' wings sittin' here! I can't eat these things without The Flamingo!
Um... sorry for... the loud talkin'. This is the KoT... in the place to be.
by Jonah Rowley April 09, 2005
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The act of fucking something so hard in the ass that it/they die from internal bleeding
He did the flamingo to her so hard that she died in the hospital
by IAmDaddyMemeMaster October 10, 2017
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