When a dude is playing golf and leaves a putt short. Their inability to get the ball to the hole suggests they have a vagina, which would get rubbed during times of tension or sexual frustration.
Oh wow he left the putt to win short! He needs to rub it!!
by salsbury69 September 6, 2011
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A phrase you say when somebody gets hurt/injured.
(Guy falls on his face)
You: He needs some milk!
by Dash180 December 24, 2015
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When somebody is hurt so bad, or something goes so wrong, that no other words can describe it.

Origin: Vine
I can't believe George fell down the stairs and broke his leg. Man, he need some milk.
by Obese Velociraptor March 21, 2016
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Actual definition, When someone is acting psychotic on drugs, milk is sometimes the only known remedy to help them come down. Therefore:
Guy goes crazy after using drugs and hurts himself due to lack of control...."He need some milk..."
by ANTHILL2018 June 5, 2017
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Having a violent accident so bad, it's obvious from afar that all of your bones are broken
Once Kendall had hit the ground from his faulty parachute jump, it was obvious, he need some milk.
by Rohneous September 6, 2015
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An internet meme originating from a video about a man high and going into shock when given water and it being suggested to give him milk.
by 0000Ron0000 February 1, 2016
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Something you yell when you see someone get badly injured
Group of friends sees a random dude fall off his bike and break his legs open
Guy 1: OH SHIT!!
Guy 2: Call 911!
by .&:&3&83 March 15, 2018
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