The best bar food ever! Fried chicken wings basted in a hot sauce and served with a side of celery and bleu cheese. You dip the wings into the blue cheese and throw the celery on the floor. The best wings are from the Buffalo NY area and the farther you get away the greater likelihood that the wings will suck. Not that you can't get good wings in the rest of upstate NY or even Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and the Twin Tiers (NY/Pa border) but the real deal is in Buffalo. Douche bags claim that the shitty, rubberry, no taste wings one can find in chains like Hooter's and BW3's are good example of Buffalo Wings. The shittiest wings under red heat lamps in gas stations in the above mentioned areas are better than these shitty chain restaurant wings. Also, stupid motherfuckers dip their wings in ranch dressing. Why don't you just mosey on down to the Old Country Buffet, close your eyes and have them pump what leftover shit they have after the early bird special down your throat and top it off with a quart of Hidden Valley Ranch! Any douchebag that thinks ranch is a compliment to buffalo wings needs to be castrated with a shrimp fork. Note: you can't get good Buffalo wings in Chicago, Miami, and New York although residents there think you can. They have wings in Philly but nobody claims they're the best,and they don't eat wings in L.A. because they are assholes.
Dude, if they were that good they would be called NYC wings and not Buffalo wings, so take your pizza pie and cram it up your ass!
by ThunderMummy October 27, 2005
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Male homosexual sex practice. One sex parter covers his penis in hot sauce, the other covers his penis in blue cheese dressing. The sex partners go on to slam their penises against each other in a sword-fight like manner until they climax.
Michael and I are trying out new things to spice up our sex life. Last night we were buffalo winging each other until he came all over my thigh. My balls still smell like hot sauce.
by ThatCouldBeAWord October 28, 2010
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Invented in 1965 by a Black restaurateur named John Young. John Young was the proprietor of a restaurant called Wings-N-Things located in Jefferson avenue in the Cold Springs Neighborhood on the East Side of Buffalo.
Frat Bro #1: Hey bro, pass me the Buffalo Wings while we watch this great white sport of hockey while tossing back a few beers like Molson Ice labatt Ice and Genny Creams!

Frat Bro #2: You mean the Buffalo Wings that were invented by a Black man? OK here you go!
by Wnysmoker February 6, 2013
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The fat that sticks out around the sides of a woman's bra strap.
Wow some people should'nt wear tight clothes. Look at those huge buffalo wings, and muffin tops hanging out. Her fupa has a fupa...OMG
by busta himen July 15, 2009
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When a man fingers a girl after having eaten hot wings and didn't wash his hands, thus creating a warming sensation in the woman's nether regions that quickly turns into a harsh burn in immediate need of a cold hose to the crotch.
After she ran to the shower to hose off her vagina, Garth realized that he had not washed his hands after eating hot wings and that he had "Buffalo Winged" this girl.
by Candygirl97303 May 1, 2014
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The act of repeatedly thrusting an erect penis into the underarm (armpit) of a willing and excited participant.
Couldn't titty fuck her, had to do the buffalo wing instead, it was extra saucy.
by Bobberrtt00 September 16, 2016
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