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Putting pink plastic flamingos on someone's lawn.

Flamingoing can be used as a prank, a lawn greeting or a fundraiser where people pay money to flock their friends and neighbors:

For a small sum of money, the flamingos are removed.
For a larger sum of money, the victim can chose which house will be flamingoed next.

To prevent from getting flamingoed, sometimes a donation can be payed in advance.

Also known as Flocking.
The baseball team raised money by flamingoing the neighborhood.

"I would have gotten flamingoed, but I bought anti-flamingo insurance!"

"I got flamingoed!"
by FlamingosAnonymous January 10, 2012
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Trend where someone stands on one leg and perches on something like a flamingo. Established in Nashville. This is the latest in the trend following planking and owling.
Jeremy and Todd were flamingoing on that retaining wall last night. Jeremy rushed to post it to FB.
by JeremyjdDavis October 10, 2011
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Unwrapping a roach from a joint or blunt and smoking it out of a bowl or bong
"Yo look, he's flamingoing that joint"

"Dude, this roach is starting to burn my fingers, lets toss it..."
"Nah man, lets just flamingo it"
by Cpt_Cow June 09, 2008
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