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A very great youtuber who's first channel was albertsstuff witch he stoped making videos on because he cursed and wasnt making any money so he switched to flamingo and now plays ROBLOX games and trolls on roblox his channel is now more successful he uploads twice a day every day except for holidays.
Me: yo did you watch flamingo's video? other guy: yesterday yea it was epic.
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by dumb meme's February 10, 2020

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Albertsstuff (also known as flamingo or Albert ) is a roblox youtuber who changed channels cause he used to curse and didn’t make any ad revenue from YouTube he changed to a channel called flamingo which is very popular now. Anyways his old channel was very funny but I’m not mad that he changed it because his new channel is funny anyways
Dude albertsstuff’s last video was so funny.

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Jayingee (also known as jake) is a roblox youruber who will mostly play liberty county. Even though he mostly plays liberty county his videos are still pretty funny. He used to not be kid friendly but changed along will albertstuff (also know as flamingo).
I like it when Jayingee plays roblox with flamingo

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Kadenfumble bottom (also know as kaden) you to have a channel called Fredfiggle horn. He post Roblox videos sometimes playing flamingo (also known as albertsstuff). Over all he is a good YouTuber he makes me laugh so you should check him out
I like it when fredfigglehorn plays with flamingo

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