The bad smell you can infer a vagina has from simply looking at the girl.
"Oh dude look at that chick she's pretty hot"
" Bro she just came from the gym, she probably has the fishies right now"
by Jewx6969 May 19, 2010
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fishy fishy is a term men use to describe a girls pussy when it stank ,smell like ass,must..etc
Aye bruh that girl jada from that party had that fishy fishy ...when she opend her legs i smelled all type off stank
by DT the genie November 28, 2015
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Fishie is a person who's always very timid, and taciturn, will rarely talk to you, but once you get to know them, Oh boi, they're the best. That's the thing about introverts, you'll need years (or specifically 2 years, from 2018-2019) to make them to talk to you, and when they do, they're a treat to the eyes. Fishies make your heart happy, make you laugh so much, and fight with you a lot ahaha but they're the most trustworthy people ever, and you can tell them anything, you can pour your heart out, and they will listen to you wholeheartedly and always be there to give you a shoulder. and when you'll cry they will sit beside you and comfort you. They're very emotional, and cant tell the difference between the colour gray and pink, but they're so precious. Take good care of them, so they last for an eternity. And you'll always, always want to hold their hand too. And well, If you can hold your Fishie's hand you're lucky, don't let him go.
'Happy Birthday Fishie!'

'Hey Fishie, wanna watch porn?'

'I love you Fishie'
by Bolshevik April 11, 2020
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Holmes: something's fishy
Watson: I'll jus go check it out.
by Georg October 2, 2006
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a person that acts shady and/or lies about whereabouts and activites.
Dave Vega is so fucking fishy i cant stand it.
by T-Fishh May 27, 2009
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