FA stands for Football Association. In theory they are responsible for sorting out any problems in the English game that might occur, but in practice do very little about them when they do occur. Also they approved Wimbledon FC move to Milton Keynes (though they of course would deny this). Therefore they appointed a 3 man commission that made the decision for them. The commissions report then gave a load of reasons (which are false) of why the club would be better of in Milton Keynes. 1 of these was claiming that a new club such as Wimbledon Town would not be in the wider interests of football.
The FA are spineless monkeys
by AFCW April 25, 2004
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Is the definition of an awesome Father one who takes care of his children the single dad who does it all .
Look at that girls Fa Fa he does everything for her by himself
by Almightynessgemini October 12, 2016
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commonly used in parts of western canada and various parts of western europe. 1. used most commonly when playing or splashing in any type of water from sea water to freshwater. 2. A general expression expressing happiness when entering a refreshing state, used by young and old.
"This is the saltiest fa-fa ever, but I like" Johnson exclaimed.
by Matt Parenteau September 19, 2006
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The fashion board on 4chan. Usual discussions revolve around skinny jeans, lame haircuts, and murses. Members of /fa/ are referred to as /fa/ggots.
"Hey /fa/ggots, does my lame haircut match my skinny jeans while not making my murse look too feminine? IN B4 HIPSTER LOL."
by sarge101 July 30, 2008
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A Fat Admirer, or a guy with a preference towards big girls BBWs. And yes, they do exist, and no, a FA is not the same as a feeder. Contrary to popular belief, Fat Admiration is not a fetish, it's no different to a preference for redheads or short girls.
Katie was always miserable in relationships till she met Tommy. He's a true FA and loves her big sexy body!
by therealrichieedwards February 10, 2005
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Hey, it's nearly Feb 14th! Official FA day is here!
by Djonym January 25, 2012
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Nigga please! That's waaay to fa for me to run.
by HuskyMiller January 13, 2007
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